Here is a just little bit about my online life and what I enjoy!

A decade and a half ago, I used to be a Playstation player. It wasn't until I was 10 years old that I made the switch to Microsoft and switched to the Xbox! Little did I know that this switch would literally influence my life in way that I could not imagine. I didn't have any friends on playstation because I was so young and it was jsut single player games, but when I switched to Xbox I was a little bit older and made a lot of friends!

My Middle School Experience

Going into Middle School, I had a lot of friends but none that I considered my ride or dies! 6th grade started off slow until I met a group of kids during P.E. and we shared our Xbox live gamertags wtih each other. Later that night, we all were online together and had a blast! This would continue for about 2 more weeks til finally I asked my parents if I coul spend the night at a sleepover with all of them. Crazily, the house that the sleepover was happening at was 2 minutes away from my house! So after that night, me and them hung out all the time, and not just online! Xbox gave me friends that I still talk with to this day!

Born in the wrong Decade

In Today's day and age, E-sports has taken off at an incredible rate! When I was younger, my parents would always say to get off the video games because it wasn't good for you! What are you suppose to tell your kids now, since video game streamers probably make more than the dad?! I wish I had been born 10 years later, because when I was 11 years old, a year after I got my first Xbox, I was ranked #1 in the world along with my team at a game called "Gears of War". If E-sports would have been as big as it is today, I 100% would've been able to make some serious money as an 11 year old!