Luka is a 10 month old Pitbull, that loves all humans and animals in this world!

3 weeks ago, I saw a dog walking by itself on the side of the road. Being a normal human being, I love dogs, so of course when it's cold and wet I am going to take him in and give him a meal atleast. A little backstory, my mom had promised me 2 years ago if I were to wait and get a dog until after I graduated, she would pay for all the bills and shots to get me going. Once I brought Luka home however, that plan went out the window once nobody claimed him for days, and he didn't have a chip implanted in his neck.

I was so nervous for the 3 hour car ride down here fro my hometown of Fort Worth. Nervous how he would react, and nervous about being by myself with MY dog for the first time ever. Luckily, he is the most chill dog ever and slept the entire car ride. He could have beena a total brat of a dog, but like I said, I GOT LUCKY! He has adapted pretty quick to his new environment, and has already made a lot of new doggo friends! I try to take him out and play at least once a day, becasue if I don't, he just whines and drives me nuts!

Luka's favorite activites

Luka is a free spirit. He's not afraid to let you know how he feels, and has very little personal space. This 75lb dog (and growing) still thinks he is a small puppy that can fit in your lap. After about 3 minutes, you realize once your leg is asleep, that this is no longer the case. Luka loves to eat, and also loves to play fetch along with his dog friends. His absolute favorite thing in the world to do is to play tug-of-war with his rope. Being a pitbull, he is SOOOO strong and after a while, he always ends up winning. I get a mean forearm workout in though!